After 10 years of dedicated service and leadership, Marilyn PatrickDirector of Housekeeping at Cabins at Green Mountain in Branson, MO is setting her sights on a well-deserved retirement and spending more time with her family. Marilyn’s last day with SUN will be Saturday, September 14th.

Marilyn has been an integral part of the SUN family over the past decade. Her hard work and diligence have greatly impacted our company and she has been a source of inspiration.
Marilyn has made many memories here at SUN, in her words, here are some of her favorites…
“There was the time I flew out to visit the Corporate Office in Myrtle Beach. I will never forget that trip. I had never flown on a plane before, let alone by myself. Needless to say, I probably won’t ever fly again, if I can help it. I enjoyed my time once my feet landed on the ground. Meeting everyone there was great, they were all so nice.
Another time, my granddaughter was at the property while I was getting ready to head home. She put a glow stick necklace on Ginger Beauchmin, my Lead Inspector at the time. The breaker blew at that moment in housekeeping and we were sitting in the dark when Roger [GM] walked in and saw Ginger with the glowing necklace on and asked us if we were having a séance.
The Cabins company float trips and Christmas parties, especially the two parties John Moore attended – were some of my most memorable times.”

All of us here at SUN will miss Marilyn. She has been a passionate leader, mentor, and friend. Her contributions will always be valued and remembered. Her colleagues offered some kind words and memories as they say goodbye to one of the best…

“If we were to have a SUN “Hall of Fame”, I’d recommend Marilyn as our first enshrinement!”
– Steve Zurawski, Senior Vice President

“Marilyn always reflected a passion for her team meeting and beating the established SUN standards. Several occasions after passing the inspection we would go out to dinner to celebrate. Marilyn would still be arguing points she didn’t agree with, so much so that waitresses (more than once) thought we were a couple and I was just getting an earned chew out! Needless to say, the memories, belly laughs, and friendship we shared is cherished. Good luck in the future, stay in touch!”
Ty Reuber, VP Sales & QA

“In my four years of working with Marilyn I have found her to be a true professional.  From the HR perspective I could always count on Marilyn providing a quick and accurate response to personnel issues and reports.  I will definitely miss her leadership and her value to this organization.  Best of luck Marilyn and God Bless.”
Rick Lab, Director Human Resources

“Marilyn visited corporate some years ago, her first flight on an airplane.  She said it scared her enough she wouldn’t want to do it again…one trip to corporate was enough!”
Suzanne Johnson, Executive Assistant Operations & QA

Wishing Marilyn all the best in her retirement!

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