Sun's Quarterly Service Excellence Awards

The purpose of Sun’s Service Excellence Awards is to recognize and reward employees for demonstrating high levels of performance or Service Excellence to our Guests, Customers or Company. Each quarter, we will highlight employee’s contributions of service excellence and/or process improvements. We are thrilled to empower our employees and generate strong commitment to customer service.

Nominations are accepted the First Wednesday following the previous quarter as detailed below:

  • 1st Quarter – January-March (Nomination due Not Later Than the first Wednesday in April)
  • 2nd Quarter – April-June (Due July)
  • 3rd Quarter – July-September (Due October)
  • 4th Quarter – October-December (Due January)

A selection committee will select an award recipient from each region (if applicable), therefore, there may be a total of THREE Service Excellence Award recipients each quarter.

Nomination Eligibility Requirements

Nominee is non-exempt and has been employed with Sun for at least 90 days. Achievements must be measurable and verified and result in one or more of the following:

  • The act or performance accomplished by the employee must be something of significance, to an individual, to the property or to the Company as a whole.
  • Sustained improvement and excellent work performance documented by specific outcomes and achievements at an unusually high level over an extended period of time of 3 months or longer.
  • Increased quality, quantity or timeliness of a service at above average level at the same or lower cost.
  • The same quality, quantity or timeliness of a service during a period when the nominee took on added responsibilities.
  • Performance of duties under extraordinary circumstances in a manner that constitutes a contribution of unusual merit to customer service
  • Innovative and trend-setting initiatives that improve operations and/or result in savings to the company.
  • An innovative positive incentive that encourages employee safety.
  • Demonstrated excellence in performance of customer service.