Who We Are

Seeing an opportunity to streamline housekeeping operations within the vacation industry, M. Keith Errico and C. David Fries founded Sun Hospitality in September of 2004.

With over 35 years of combined hospitality and resort services experience, Sun’s senior management offers seamless integration and unparalleled service. Drawing from it’s diverse range of skills from its top management, we offer a fresh and well-rounded business solution.

Our People. Our Focus.

The key to successful outsourcing of housekeeping depends on our most valuable asset, our people. Hospitality is people and our people are results driven. It is essential to Sun’s success to select the best housekeeping staff that are motivated to provide service excellence and coherence with resort operations.

Sun maintains high standards for quality through our fully trained staff. From our Inspectors to our Regional Directors, our supervisors are accredited with Sun Certified Inspector (SCI) designation as they complete our extensive training program.