We are excited to announce the SUN Service Excellence Award recipients for June – September 2020!


Carolina Region: Reeseshemma Frasier

Reeseshemma Frasier is an Inspector at Lodge Alley Inn in Charleston, South Carolina. She is being recognized for being a dedicated team player and readiness to go the extra mile.
Reeseshemma never flinches in stressful situations where her team is short-handed and very busy. Holidays are always high volume in departure cleans and despite the pandemic, this year was no different.

During the Fourth of July weekend, Lodge Alley’s team was overwhelmed with staffing challenges on a big turn day. Reeseshemma rose to the occasion taking on cleaning units in addition to her regular duties of Inspector. In a single day, she personally serviced 20 units while also inspecting late into the evening. Her dedication to the team and hard work pushed through a difficult day and got the job done.



Florida Region: Margarita De Silva

Margarita is an Inspector at Blue Heron Resort in Orlando, Florida and is being recognized for her contribution during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Face masks have become an essential attire for nearly every American since early April and are required by all SUN in the workplace. Wanting to do more in the fight against COVID-19, Margarita pulled together her materials and sewing skills and began making face masks for her personal use. She soon saw the opportunity to be creative with her design and added a SUN logo to her own mask. Her popular design was soon noticed by her peers and she went to work making custom made SUN masks for her team. Today, Margarita has made close to 800 masks.

In addition to her valuable contribution during the pandemic, Margarita often makes the SUNShiners of the Week list for being helpful and meeting team goals. Her positive ‘can do’ attitude and focus make her an exemplary employee at SUN!


Outlying Region: Cheryl Volkey

Cheryl is an Inspector at Tamarack Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. She is being recognized for consistently being a dedicated team player and pulling her team through times of crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since May of 2020, Tamarack was experiencing an emergency-level staffing crisis with several employees being quarantined due to COVID-19. The situation was more challenging due to the increased volume of departure cleans and enhanced cleaning protocols during the busy summer season. Cheryl pulled double duty shifts in Common Areas and cleaning units all while handling all her regular duties as Inspector. She would often come in early and stay late to help her fellow teammates and ensure goals were met for the day.

Cheryl has been recognized many times on the SUNShiners of the Week list throughout the year for her quality work and dedication. Her 5-star spotless cleans have been mentioned in guest comments and she passes along her technical know-how and attention to detail when training new employees.

Cheryl’s quality work and dedicated spirit is what truly makes her an asset to her team and the SUN family!


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